Nagahama Ramen $6.95

Nagahama Ramen
Pork bone soup with Menya special soy sauce seasoning

Tonkotsu Miso Ramen $7.50
Pork bone soup with Menya Miso sauce seasoning

Nagasaki Chanpon $8.90
Mixed vegetables,seafood,meat and noodles - all in one bowl

Menya Shoyu Ramen $7.75
Chicken and veg soup and bonito with soy sauce flavor.
topped with cabbage,egg1/2,green onion,seaweed,cha-shu or chicken

Ramen Salad $7.25
Seasonal fresh vegetable and cold noodles with Menya house dressing

Udon or Soba (buckwheat) $7.25
Home-made Japanese fish stock soup with vegetable-tempura or chicken

Nagasaki Chanpon
Noodle with Spicy Meat Sauce $8.00
Spicy meat sauce with bean sprouts, green onions and paprika served with choice of HOT or COLD noodle

Tantanmen $8.50
Cooked in pork broth with spicy red chili oil, greens、sesame seeds,
and ground pork.

Cold Noodle $8.25
Cold Noodle with shrimp, chicken, bean sprouts,tomatoes,egg, shitakemushrooms.Served with choice of menya original sesame sauce or special blend soysauce.
Summer Season Only

Cha-Shu-Don $7.00
Seasoned tender pork with rich soy sauce on rice

Kaedama $1.50  
Wanting more? noodle only

*** Set menu available +$3.40 (Gyoza and rice ball)


Crispy Gyoza ( 8pieces ) $4.80

Home-made pan fried pork and vegetable Gyoza

Cha-shu $3.00
Japanese-style seasoned barbequed pork

Kaisou salad $4.00
Sea weeds with spring mix with menya house dressing

Karashi Takana $1.50
Hot red pepper with pickled greens

Takikomi Rice ball $1.50
Rice cooked with sea tangle(kelp), vegetables,deep-fried tofu-seasoned with light soy sauce

White rice

Extra topping

Mixed Vegetables $1.00

Ramen Salad
Boiled Egg $0.75
Green Onion $0.50
Bean Sprout $0.50
Bamboo Shoot $0.50
Corn $0.50
Seaweed $0.50
Ginger $0.50
Garlic Chip $0.50
Fresh Garlic $0.50
*** Liquor License
Prices are subject to TAX
Prices may change without notice